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Oh Just A Little Miscommunication

This happens all the time. With previous communication in the traditional era, f2f communication was more prevalent. It was straight forward and direct. In the information age, communication is centered around new media. Its much easier to get misconstrued. Ultimately, human communication is changing as a result of emerged technologies that remove f2f components and rely on 'unscrambling the puzzle'

Me thinks you relied a bit too much on him. So unlike you. He even admits you were in control. He was disloyal . . . And dishonest. Shouldn't you be hating him and not me? But then again, I keep writing that you should just let go and get over it. You did fail . . . at your attempt to win him as well as your 3 marriages. And you may have been very disappointed. He is not very passionate. But I love him anyway.

She Is Really A Tough Lady

Betty's a cranky old wench, I can totally imagine her doing this on purpose.

This makes me incredibly sad. Anyone, who os reading this, if you are in any sort of problems...please talk to me. I WILL listen, I will help. Please don't kill yourself. This is for all those guys and girls who are thinking of suicide. Please don't do it, talk to me. If you are reading this and need help or know somebody who does, talk to me. Love you. ♥