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10,000 Digital Paintings by Field


Pinnocchio, by Carlo Collodi. To be a real boy -- that is the heart's desire of the little wooden puppet carved by the old and sprightly Geppeto. Emma Rose's superb new translation is matched by Fanelli's playful illustrations in this unique edition of Carlo Collodi's 1883 classic. PB 9780763647315 / Ages 7 yrs & up / GRL T

Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, translated by Emma Rose and illustrated by Sara Fanelli

Studio Lin

Beautiful new work from Studio Lin who recently designed Sight Unseen — Paper View, a publication released by online magazine Sight.

Nendo 設計新招術──刺激左腦,男生也能瘋 Kitty!|MOT/TIMES 線上誌

Nendo 設計新招術──刺激左腦,男生也能瘋 Kitty!|MOT/TIMES 線上誌

Bike + travel + illustrationworld

Bike travel illustration

Ladislas Chachignot created this project called Easy Rider. He worked on these illustrations mixing three of his passions, Bike + Travel + Illustration

tumblr_oiuhrwTWxU1uvl8dno1_540.jpg (540×361)

Various editorial illustrations showing technical cross sections and diagrammatic scenes.