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Cool Tips for Pokemon go! #pokemon #pokemongo #DFWpokemongo

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Pikachu Bookmark Corner - Pokemon Go

Take a break from playing Pokemon or Pokemon Go and make some of these fabulous Pokemon Boomark Corners. We love the Pikachu Bookmark corner. So sweet and fun!

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My Experience with Pokemon GO

excuse the language, but this is so true. I've biked about 12 kilometers in the last 3 days when normally I don't bike at all! lucky me I've got squirtle, pikachu, and charmander already!

from 9GAG

So, you walk 2km/5km/10km in Pokemon Go and these will hatch from the eggs!

Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks: Egg Hatching Chart Hatching eggs in Pokemon Go is like your birthday or Christmas. Its a package with a great surprise within in it (most of the time). The basics are you put your egg in an incubator and you walk run or bike (

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Pokemon Go Catching Pokemon Locations. List of Pokemon Go Spawn Locations, Where to Find every type of Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Crochet them all!  With the bizarre Pokemon Go craze that’s hit the UK recently, we thought you’d like a few pokemon patterns you can make for any fans in your family, or just for yourself if you’ve got addicted to the latest online gaming phenomenon. You’re going to need Pokemon Balls if you