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Explore Beautiful Henna and more! As well as being a beautiful five petaled large flower, Hibiscus can be used in hair and skin preparations. - Encourages hair growth - Prevents spilt ends - Thickens hair - Mild cleanser - Gives a great tone to hair, and works well in henna preparations - Can alleviate sore scalps - Can help add shine - Can help add definition to curls

This wonderful sacred plant (Vishnu dwells within it's branches) has a fabulous reputation in ayurveda and is gaining traction as a useful herb in contemporary western medicine. As a beauty treatment, you can use Amla to: Revive your hair! Reduce redness in henna or hennindigo applications! Improve your skin! for more information:

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Multani Mitti, or 'Fullers Earth', can be found in lots of different luxury brands of shampoo and conditioner, as well as in dry shampoos, because of it's amazing oil absorbing and cleansing effect. It can also create lots of volume and prepare hair for setting curls. For more information check out