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This area is fully safe for nursery children. This area is full of joy and interest for kids and child friendly.(vibha and hibo)

Here everything is looking safe and area is divided by gate. (vibha and hibo)

Nurseries should always use these symbolic toys.these are according to child's age and safety.(vibha and hibo)

Child carer must aware of the children who required special need and attention.(vibha and hibo)

Kids learn quickly in safe, friendly and warmth environment about shapes, colours and images. (vibha and Hibo)

Here children are learning in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.(vibha and hibo)

All nursery staff should trained and D.B.S.checked.They all should follow the rules. (Vibha and hibo)

Staff should always aware of children's dietary requirement, liking and disliking.(vibha and hibo)