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This area is fully safe for nursery children. This area is full of joy and interest for kids and child friendly.(vibha and hibo)

''an outside nursery playground with stimulating environment ''. An outside area with climbing equipment and free space for children to exercise and enjoy the learning environment around provides a stimulating environment with a imaginative and interesting activities.

''stimulating environment picture in a nursery classroom '' . this picture provides a rich and stimulating working environment with a good balance of imaginative and interesting activities. children are also use their creativity.

Picture show very clean and safe nursery room offer the children environment where they will grow learn with friendly environment and they feel secure.

This is a outdoor playing area in a nursery. this area is for different ages to give protection and a safe environment for all.

This picture show's children are secure with a key worker .when children feel more secure at a nursery, they are more prepared to learn . they can share with others and play with other children.

This is the main gate of the nursery.we must lock the gate at all times to secure all the children. rokeya

This is a play area of the outside of a nursery where the children play.We have to make sure there isn't any animal mess for chidden safety. rokeya

safe environment in a nursery classroom . this room is very clean and tidy. there is a warm, loving and experienced staff who care for each child and guide them.