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Buddist and animist Asian spirit houses: Low angle colorful View of Pedestals used to support local spirit houses in Southeast Asia, lying in a field among dry leaves near a holy site.

Buddist and animist Asian spirit houses: Abstract overhead view of several concrete Pedestals used to support local spirit houses in Asia, painted with gold and green accents.

A small handmade canoe sized wooden canoe style boat next to lily pads in a small pond in Southeast Asia. Boats are used extensively in Asia for rural and Urban transport.

Angular broken concrete slabs at the edge of a calm ocean bay in late afternoon. The Northern part of the American West Coast features cooler waters and a frequently rocky or stark coastline.

Preparations are made for the cremation ceremony of the Cambodian monarch, the King Father Sihanouk, shortly after his passing. The stupa-like structure in the background will contain the pyre, while guards look on.

Medium close up of a construction worker placing a hook onto a long concrete pylon and then guiding it as it is lifted; the lift is halted and the worker runs to guide it back down.

Excellent wide shot of a long concrete pile being lifted by a crane from a resting horizontal position up to a vertical position; hooks and pulley dangle, with strong shadows against opposite building.

Using the mud for protection from the sun and flies, a group of water buffalos wallow in a mud hole in Southeast Asia

A user plays with a responsive facial modeling software display; the face of the user is meshed with the face of an onscreen character in realtime / One of a series from the virtual reality gaming technology editorial collection