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Hartgate Motorcycles Mitcham

Hartgate Motorcycles Mitcham

Tale Spin classic

Disney's TaleSpin a Saturday morning cartoon I use to watch at my Gran's.

A show that made grocery shopping look fun: | 50 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Childhood

50 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Childhood

Super Market Sweep, another great game show that I wanted to be on!

70's-80's I wasn't a teenager in the 80's I was a young kid but I still know what it is and had one at home loved playing on it

Yep This is sooooo true! And I was there also. these were the best of times. LOVE YOU.

Lucozade - by hospital beds everywhere in the 70's.

Lucozade - complete with the orange cellophane. Only drank this when really sick.

It actually erased paper. http://imgur.com/gallery/QDbS4Vx

Imgur on

Funny pictures about This Childhood Myth. Oh, and cool pics about This Childhood Myth. Also, This Childhood Myth photos.

Immediately thought of you! @Stephanie Moslander

Member this? Ha, so true.Funny thing is, Now my daughter has this drawn every where and she thinks its so cool. Funny how things still happen even with your kiddos!