Egg whisker still life photography #LGLimitlessDesign #Contest

This photo of an egg whisker and eggs is unique because of the way it plays with shadows. It displays the whimsical shadows of the whisker on the eggs, which are directly used together. It also brings back the classic concept of photographing an egg.

Zebra Woman: studio shot from Zurich, Switzerland, captured in 1942.

Zebra Woman. 1942

Capturing a pivotal moment in history, or a fleetingly perfect composition, some Magnum photographs become icons. A small selection is available in the Magnum Shop. Zebra Woman: studio shot from Zuric

Mondrian's Glasses and Pipe by André Kertész • 1926 • As part of the Bruce Silverstein Gallery — Estate of André Kertész (1925-1930: Paris)

Andre Kertesz: Mondrian's Glasses and Pipe, The frequently used personal possessions of a famous painter, Mondrian. How does this begin to convey the owner's identity?