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Funi Adelaide Zoo #Dailyshoot #leshaines Funi Adelaide Zoo. With all of the millions of pictures of these amazing Pandas I thought I should just try and get a solid shot, so concentrated on my focus and composition. Funi is gorgeous and was happy to be frustratingly unhelpful in posing. Please with the overall though and never realised how difficult it is to shoot wildlife, even in a Zoo! The rock she is sat on is air conditioned!! Luxury.

Pelican Adelaide Zoo #dailyshoot Part of a pair of pictures that I took of this magnificent Pelican bird sunning itself in the Zoo in Adelaide Australia. I tried at the time to compose the picture to exclude the ducks who were inisistent on being in the picture. In the end gave up and then tried to make them part of the image!!. Image copped an contrast reset.

Pelican Adelaide Zoo #Dailyshoot #leshaines Have wanted to do a close up of a pelican for ages as I know that it is a bird of many colours. This one was basking in the sun and so was able to set up and get my camera stable, used the timer to eliminate camera shake and full extent of my telephoto. Focused on the eye and ended up only having to crop slightly. Lucky that the bird stayed still for so long! Shot in Adelaide Zoo South Australia.

Daily Shoot Brecon Beacons # Gwynne Fawr #wales #leshaines Daily shoot theme is "diagonals" and love the way the river runs across this shot taken in the Gwynne Fawr Valley Black Mountains of Wales. Tried to focus on the sheep which had just stumbled out of the water, but was attracted by the composition of the rock in the foreground, the river, sheep and opposite bank. Cropped slightly with the rule of thirds.

Sea Shacks Geiranger Norway #dailyshoot A study in focus and depth of field the focal point for this image was actually on the waters edge. Hand held but still pleased with the resolution and sharpness throught the picture.

Old Greater Flamingo Adelaide Zoo #dailyshoot #leshaines This Greater Flamingo at Adelaide Zoo is very old! And partially blind and he was tottering around around the pen in the bright sulnlight. Wamted to emphasise the amazing colours so set my camera on a short depth of field and tried to cpature the bright sulnlight. Also had to wait for the right pose! Cropped in close and dimmed down the sulnlight a bit with the contrast.

Plynth No 4 Trafalgar Square #London #dailyshoot Loved the combination of colours in this picture and was quite tricky to get the composition right to include the main subject, the old building, the National Gallery and the blue sky. Taken in Trafalgar Square London.

#Dailyshoot self portrait reflection Nerja Spain Always on the lookout for shapes to photograph, and doors and windows fit the bill. The project for this day was self portrait and my reflection is clearly shown in the glass of the window. liked the colour and the comostion of this picture, enedited.

Skeleton! Patrishow Church #dailyshoot #Wales This painted skeleton is inside Patrishow Church in the Black Mountains Wales UK. Not sure why the picture was painted or how old, but the church dates back to Norman TImes

Boris Bikes DLR #dailyshoot #London First time I had seen these bikes, which you can hire point to point in London, known locally as Boris Bikes after the Lord Mayor Boris Johnson. I liked the composition of the picture when I saw it, repeating patterns, and always enhanced by having people in the shots. Cropped slightly for effect on the curve of the bike park, but otherwise uneditted.