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Abandoned house in Fort Worth, Texas

Abandoned house in Fort Worth, Texas - The intricate details of just the outside of this abandoned beauty is so beautiful. So sad and such a waste.

abandoned Houses in WV | Somewhere in WV..Abandoned Farmhouse..jpg

Abandoned house in Sycamore, Virginia. Imagine sitting on this porch when the house was in its prime. what a beautiful old house, put some work into it and just imagine how it could be again.

Abandoned in Texarkana, TX

Pine Bluff, Arkansas a small river town that once rivaled Little Rock and Diet Smith in opulence, it's losing pulsation fast and its downtown is almost completely .

old farm house...I want this house with all of my heart! <3

OLD FARMHOUSE.This is my dream, to be gifted an old house that needs love, to fix it up, to make it full of life, inside and out

Omg Chris and I could " the block" this. My absolute favourite family dream home.  Can see all the kids and Ava and future grandchildren coming... home, here

Beautiful old farm house w/ barn in the back. I would love 2 live out in the middle of nowhere in an old farm house w/ horses dogs some barn cats.

The house in the middle of nowhere Oregon. What is the story behind it? Where did everyone go?

Old West House abandoned house in a field of wheat by swainboat. On Emerson Loop Rd. near The Dalles, in Central Oregon.