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“The Black Death” usually invokes mental images of tolling church bells, doctors with beak-shaped masks, necrotic tissue, grave diggers, and the Middle Ages - but that’s far from the whole story. Meet Yersinia pestis: A Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium pictured here (in green) using scanning electron micrography on proventricular spines of a Xenopsylla cheopis flea (in purple). Yersinia pestis, which can infect most small mammals - cats, rats, dogs, and humans among them ...

Gallery: Microbes Make Glowing Galaxies & Other Art

Using a similar process, Copfer created portraits of scientists and artists who have inspired him, such as Charles Darwin, shown above. To create these he grew the red bacterium Serratia marcescens.

My entry in the 2010 Eureka Prize: Gas Flow Visualisation Using RGB Schlieren System. Time for a new entry in 2013.. :-)