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Except this won't work for me unless one of my brothers is actually a trans girl because I'm the only dfab child :c

Why is this funny to me?? My sense of humor sucks

I don't understand what is happening here. My female "friends" were more likely to giggle under their breath & exchange looks if I said I was ugly. That or try to convince my partner to leave me. I have no luck with females as friends. This causes me great troubles as a feminist.

Awww that's so cute

🇵🇱Mako🏳️‍🌈 on

This is what parents should be like today, not telling their kids that they are wrong for being who they are.

Example of Heteronormativity: pretending lesbian relationships are just girls who are good friends and entirely platonic. And I literally saw someone yesterday who claimed heteronormativity isn't real. Of course you wouldn't think it's real, it's so ingrained in society no one ever notices it unless they're outside the "norm".