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I can't stress enough that you need to start working on your summer body NOW! I have a new Operation Summer Body Beachbody Challenge group starting Monday March 4. We will be doing Insanity and spots are limited. Click on the picture and message me for details.

❥ "Summer bodies are earned in the Winter." ★★★ (True that, right . even come rain, sleet, or snow!

Run! ♥'

Need inspiration to kick start your fitness? We've selected the best workouts for people to improve their fitness level and sculpt their best body ever!

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Motivate Me

Thought about stopping... then ran harder!

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If one of my friends made a sign like this during my first marathon, I'd die. How freakin' cute, motivating and funny! # this hill is your bitch

Run Hard.  Dont take it for granted http://media-cache8.pinterest.com/upload/40673202854741693_zPoml8Tq_f.jpg mrein191 be strong

Going to do exactly this when my back heals. You never want to workout more in your life than the times you physically can't. I can't imagine this being a permanent thing.

Getting Inside My Own Head — The Aloha Files. What happens when a mental panic starts to take over and how to overcome it before a race.

Getting Inside My Own Head

"You said 'I won't make it' a million times. You made it every time." Immediately thought of my Daddy when I read this.how many times has he said this, or a variation, to me? Always my champion!

I've done this many times!

10-Minute P90X3 Workout

What if my legs are perfect but my heart is the first that can't keep going? Actually it goes way too fast and I go out of breath after running 1 meter

Found this with all the thinspirational pins on http://ThinspoPics.com !

"I'm coming back with a state of mind three coffees, two flirtatious e-mails, and one week of vacation can't buy" - so true

If You Want to Run Longer, This Is a Must

If You Want to Run Longer, This Is a Must

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This is for beginners and it starts out easy, but beware...you have to be pretty committed to do this!

Half-Marathon Training Plan for Beginners