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In this video, Stacy Grissom provides helpful tips for connecting cord piping as well as teaches you how to sew on piping with a specific technique.

How to Sew on Piping

Learn how to create a perfect mitered fold while sewing corners by using an easy double fold hem method. Stacy Grissom shows you how.

How To Cut Burlap So That it Won't Unravel

How To Cut Burlap So That it Won't Unravel

How To Cut Burlap So That it Won't Unravel -Burlap is so popular right now for all different kinds of crafts and projects, but it’s somewhat of a tricky material to work with. Learn how to cut burlap correctly to lessen the mess.

Drawing With Your Sewing Machine | National Sewing Circle

Preventing Sewing Thread Breakage

Find out how useful old medicine bottles or small shampoo containers can be when storing sewing needles or disposing old and broken ones.

Sewing zippers can be the trickiest part of any sewing project. Stacy Grissom shows how to make zippers a little easier with the help of basting tape.  Sewing Zippers: How to Use Basting Tape http://www.nationalsewingcircle.com/video/sewing-zippers-how-to-use-basting-tape-007541/?utm_content=buffercb461&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer #LetsSew

Sewing Zippers

Make sewing zippers easier with basting tape. Stacy Grissom shows how quick and easy zippers are with this product.

Quick and easy tip for pillow stuffing in this sewing video. Simply take your pillow insert and place into a plastic bag, and see how much easier it is to stuff into your pillow cover!  Watch for tip to remove plastic bag

DIY Pillow Stuffing

Dive into these core sewing skills and skill-building sewing tutorials and find out how to sew efficiently on your own.

Small Round Gusseted: 14" diameter x 3 1/2", 15 oz. fill Bolster: 6" x 16", 12 oz. fill Small Boudoir: 12" x 16", 10 oz. fill Large Boudoir: 11" x 22", 16 oz. fill Small Lumbar: 14" x 20", 20 oz. fill Lumbar: 14" x 36", 33 oz. fill Small Square: 16" x 16", 18 oz. fill Square: 18" x 18", 22 oz. fill Medium Square: 20" x 20", 27 oz. fill Large Square: 22" x 22", 33 oz. fill Continental: 26" x 26", 44 oz. fill

How to Make a Pillow Form

Create Pillow Forms in 4 easy steps. Includes printable standard sizes cheat sheet The Sewing Loft

Inserting and Sewing Elastic with Ease

Learn How To Sew Lined Curtains

ZJ Humbach teaches you a few helpful tricks for sewing elastic as well as some interesting methods for inserting elastic.

Fusible web is a popular product to use when doing applique because you can cut out and adhere intricate shapes with ease. Tara explains that there are several different kinds of fusible web, Clear Fuse and Wonder Under being two of the most commonly found brands. Fusible web is often found near the fusible interfacing, but is not to be confused with it. Fusible web acts as a glue between two pieces of fabric, whereas interfacing fabric is a way to stiffen a piece of fabric.

How to Use Fusible Web and Other Adhesives

Learn about fusible web and other fabric adhesive alternatives. Learn how to apply and use all and get tips for when to use one adhesive over another.


How to Alter Sewing Patterns for Shorts and Pants

Ellen March shows you how to make your own Chevron print fabric with a helpful chevron piecing technique.