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What Anime Show Should You Be In?

What Anime Show Should You Be In? Dragon Ball-Z: You're all about that action, you'll NEVER give up, and you're a fighter. That's what you stand for. You definitely belong in Dragon Ball Z ...

Dragon Ball Z - Goku As vezes de tanto se esforça , agente só queria ficar sozinho , as vezes a solidão é necessidade

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Which Female Anime Character Are You?

I got: Sakura Haruno! Which Female Anime Character Are You? COME ON I DIDNT WANT SAKURA!!!

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Community Post: Which White-Haired Anime Boy Are You?

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I'd really like to improve my drawing skills its a skill I enjoyed as a child and it's something I'm still very interested in til this day. The girl is a lion inside but a princess outside. That's what I think this picture is saying.

Hello. I am Sebastian Michealis, butler of Phantomhive Manor. Ciel Phantomhive is my young master, and I follow his orders to my death. We have made a contract: I serve him until he avenges his parents' deaths, and I get his soul. If you even attempt to injure him, or any member of the household, you will be dead. I'm simply one hell of a butler.