Explore Neuschwanstein Castle, Peles Castle, and more!


The first castle in Europe that I want to visit is the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

have ALWAYS said I've wanted to do this before I die :-) will def visit Paris, France & see the eiffel tower some day no matter what!

[ ] Eiffel Tower ~ I can half check this off. I have seen the Eiffel Tower in Paris,Texas! I have seen the Eiffel Tower at Paris Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Going to happen!

it would be awesome to see peoples reactions in person to something like this. i used to love to dance.i would dance around my house & everywhere else all the time when i was little.

Hey while I am here I can check off the Irish Pub!

Ireland is my favorite country outside of my own. I would love to visit all of the old castles and the rolling hills as well as Dublin and Belfast and the rest of the cities. I'd also love to kiss the Blarney Stone. I'm Irish so I want to go there

Visit New Zealand #bucketlist

Bucket List: Visit New Zealand & take the Lord of the Rings & Hobbit tours.

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Image detail for -beach, before i die, bucket list, bucketlist, kiss - inspiring picture . I'll probably do more than kiss.

Bucket List<3 by deana

A puppy! Try a dog. Puppies are at least easy to rehome. It's the poor dogs who have grown up and have less of a chance then a puppy. I know my next DOG will be a rescue.

No kidding! I read all of these to hubby the other night and said....think this will happen? He grunted. hahaha.  http://media-cache7.pinterest.com/upload/259519997247175049_K1AG01qM_f.jpg https://www.tradze.com/gift-cardkatieintn Tradze.com don t kick the bucket list

This is my goal and I WILL finish everything on my list before the day I die

DONE! Getting there was probably one of the craziest experiences ever!

I want to - "hold up" the leaning the tower of Pisa (cheesy photo op Yer but I still want to it)

go to the caribbean with m best friend.

Went on a family cruise when i was in grade and my parents let me bring my best friend at the time, who was like a sister. It was so fun! Now that she's gone, I treasure those memories!

Visited Colosseum in Rome (1993)

Visit Rome, art, food and culture, attractions.Discover the recommended places to go and things to do, Rome travel guide.

Could be really awesome, being able to communicate with someone using only your hands!

ASL From Switched at Birth I know some! ^^ BUT: learn fluent sign language

Neuschwanstein Castle Germany, magnificent structure and countryside

This place is beautiful! Neuschwanstein Castle Germany, magnificent structure and countryside

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. It was the inspiration for the Cinderella Castle. love it

The original "Disney Castle" - Neuschwanstein - Germany. Castle and surroundings - So beautiful.