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.HARE MOON The sacred animal was associated in Roman legends with springtime and fertility. As the Hare Moon of April waxes full, observe the rabbits leaping and playing, carefree in their mating and joyful in their games, and as you cast your Esbat Circle and joyfully dance the round, feel within your heart the carefree nature of the wild creatures that are also children of the Old Gods.

"But part of being a grownup is always to have the balls to believe. Cynicism is like an armour – it will, initially, protect you. But you cannot grow in armour, you cannot dance in armour. Cynicism is, in the end, an act of weakness. We must always have the cojones to be optimistic. To trust people. To forgive them their mistakes, if we feel that they are trying to be better people; that they are trying to learn." Caitlin Moran

These giraffe paper plate projects would be a fun art activity for Roald Dahl's story "The Giraffe, the Pelly, and Me." Adding these giraffe projects to a bulletin board display featuring your students' creative writing assignments would give your Roald Dahl bulletin board display a cool 3D effect.