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экзотические птицы: 32 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

There are a lot of colours in this piece which makes the picture really eye catching. You can't really tell what animal it is, I love how it sections a bit of the animal

from Mail Online

Captured in nature, the perfect Christmas card

the north wind doth blow and we shall have snow and what will poor robin do then poor thing...

The correct name of this owl is Hoax tealus photoshopensus, at the moment seems rare, unlike the Red, Violet and Rainbow Owls.

I'm reading a book, 'State of Wonder' right now and wonder myself if this bird is from the Amazon region.

Dragonfly. I'm getting prepared to do some pen and ink of dragonflies. I love the detail of the wings in this photo.

when I was a kid I had a whole box of parrot feathers I found on the ground and at my Grandma's house in Puerto Rico - I wonder where those feathers all went -they were amazing rainbows like this.

One of the various varieties of birds of paradise sub species ( not sure if it's specific Latin name - sorry - but little is known about this sub species as very rare and from a very remote area ) ,but that's the only reason it isn't extinct / as human vanity would use such amazing coloured feathers to adorn rich old woman !! But Wow - what awesome colours !! Nature is so amazing !!! ✅

Green Jungle fowl, Indonesia 2010. - chickens are so beautiful <3