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Dialoghi Letterari su Conoscenza e Ignoranza - a Conoscenza in Festa, Udine


L’organizzazione di una comunità emerge da un sistema di reti relazionali intersoggettive, il cui funzionamento dipende dal governo di una s...

Complexity Management Summer School – CMSS

“A complex form of mathematical symmetry linked to string theory has been glimpsed in the real world for the first time, in laboratory experiments on exotic crystals. - Mathematicians discovered a complex 248-dimensional symmetry called E8 in the late 1800s. - In the 1970s, the symmetrical form turned up in calculations related to string theory, a candidate for the “theory of everything” that might explain all the forces in the universe.” - “Now, physicists have detected the signature…


Tiny Beauties: Visions From Under the Microscope

A one-celled green alga photographed in a lake sample


Fractal symmetry patterns - Diatoms are a major group of algae, and are one of the most common types of phytoplankton. Most diatoms are unicellular, although they can exist as colonies in the shape of filaments or ribbons, fans, zigzags, or stellate colonies.


Fractal 5 point symmetry - Triceratium pentacrinus ~ Diatom


BELOW: Virus, mold and bacterial aggregate colonies spontaneously assume Fractal Shapes