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@gdbee another piece. I like how she added bright colors along with the piece of candy to make the whole drawing look cute yet seductive.

I don't know the name @gdbee gave this piece but I love it.

I've noticed a pattern of uses of bright pastel colors in @gdbee's drawings. It compliments the skin tones of these characters very well. Eye catcher for sure!

The big bouncy coils and black lipstick in this drawing are just . @gdbee has a knack for this stuff. I wanna see this in a real Anime show.

Anime Girl, this is pretty much how I would look like if I was and an anime girl. Exactly

Anime headphones dark hair beanie.Is this a guy or a girl I really can't tell.They have boy hair but girly lips.

So this piece by @gdbee is my instagram profile picture. She does such a good job at capturing the beautiful features of black girls and making them into something colorful and unique. The tagged name is also her Instagram account where I got these from.