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Cu Sith (Fae/Beast)(Large) – Horse sized green wolf-like fae dogs that have close ties with plants and nature. Their aura heals plants and plant creatures and their drool spawns Devils Snare, from their footprints grow the most beautiful plants. While they are good for the natural world, they are fierce haters of humans and other creatures that often spoil nature. Many other fae and plants use these as mounts and guardians. (Scottish)

Kid Activities | Leaf-Leaves Theme LIKE - eating leaves (lettuce, lettuce wraps), leaf sun prints, cornflake "leaf" snack and great direction for preserving leaves

Willow, female packer. Amazing hunter, elegant and very polite, very quiet. But, if you get to be her best friend, then she will never stop talking, she will be very fun, playful, and loud. She is a very loyal friend and pack member. Her dream is to one day become alpha and lead the pack. Has a crush on Shade. Neither of them know they like each other.