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Writing Wednesdays: Working on Two Tracks - Track 1: What feeds your soul, your true voice, what gives you joy. Track 2: What pays the bills. Stay true to Track 1 and Track 2 will follow.

Writing Wednesdays: Why I Write, Part One by Steven Pressfield - Read and comment here about why you write.

The mind of a writer...

Robert De Niro's presentation of best screenwriter at the 2014 Oscar's. This is the most accurate quote ever. And Robert De Niro is awesome anyway so extra points.

Du weißt, dass du Deutscher bist, wenn...du weißt, dass dasselbe und das Gleiche nicht gleich sind.

and that's not even the most confusing thing in the German language :D# Lol richtig xD

✿⊱❥ Eu acredito que a chuva é uma canção de ninar para a alma do escritor.

{ I believe rain is a lullaby for the writer's soul } original quote by Rae Elliott

How to Make Readers Love an Unlikable Character—And Hate a Likable One - Helping Writers Become Authors

How to Make Readers Love an Unlikable Character& Hate a Likable One - Helping Writers Become Authors

"Even if a scene is going really well, I cut myself off so that I always have a place to start the next day." Such a good point.

5 NaNoWriMo Tips

NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, is every November. Here are a few tips to help you finish this fast paced challenge.

"Every Writing I Know Has Trouble Writing." - Joseph Heller #writing #writingquotes - I needed to read this so bad

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Every writer has trouble writing. (original quote by Joseph Heller). See more quotes like: Life

Elisabeth Wheatley: Something for the next book in the series. (Ironically, Carl von Clausewitz advised against surrounding enemy forces for this very reason. :P) << sounds like Coach Hedge