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Earth Laughs In Flowers

Earth laughs in flowers." -Emerson I love this quote. I love the idea that the Earth laughs, and when it does beautiful wild flowers spring forth to color our days. When you see a flower today, think of it as the Earth laughing and smiling

More Than Sayings: With brave wings she flies..

with brave wings she flies. love this, free printable. Adorable printables for a nursery or kids room!

fresh snow

Best of life lesson quotes: "The future lies before you like a field of fallen snow. Be careful how you tread it for every step will show"

Psalm 139:16 "You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

"Your struggle is just a part of your story that God planned for you long before you were born. Thank you God for my struggles I have had in my lifetime.

Ray Bradbury. Such an admirer of his writing. The Pace of Productivity and How to Master Your Creative Routine | Brain Pickings

How to Hone Your Creative Routine and Master the Pace of Productivity

► "The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there." ~~Vince Lombardi ★ (We all know it takes persistence, and a never-give-up attitude!


Today i will do what others won't So tomorrow i can do what others can't. You should definatly try and see what others won't and can't see. It reflects on what we see and cannot see that makes it worth the choice :-) :-)

live in the here & now

live in the here and now

the only way you should live. To truly live in the moment. Be prepared to die in that moment.

The most precious things aren't things

collect moments/not things. You don't need things to remember the memories. You can't take those things to the grave with you.

Sarah Marie - What a wonderful quote! Thank you to all the men and women who put themselves in harms way for the benefit of us all, at such a tremendous sacrifice as leaving behind those you love and depend on you! If you agree - share this over and over again!

He fights because he LOVES what he left behind.(Inspirational quote) and replace soldier with Marine

You don't know what works until you find out what doesn't

Inspirational quote from Seth Godin: If you are willing to do something that might not work, you& closer to being an artist. from Inspiration Station's Inspire channel