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my misty morning


Orange butterfly perched on orange flowers.


Pachliopta Aristolochiae (a swallowtail butterfly - "Common Rose") ~ photo by Colin Dunjohn~♛

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Colorful moth - wonder what it is?

piękno motylich skrzydeł

piękno motylich skrzydeł

Glowing orange

The Scarce Copper Moth (Lycaena virgaureae).

Mariposa Monarca Butterflies!                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

◑≈◑≈◑≈◑ Butterfly ◑≈◑≈◑≈◑ Monarch's have an amazing life cycle!

Camaleónica con el medio. #butterflies #mariposas

European Peacock Butterfly - resting on Purple Cone Flowers

Agrias narcissus narcissus. French Guiana

This stunning butterfly, Agrias narcissus, was photographed in French Guiana by…

The Gold-banded Forester (Euphaedra neophron)

Gold Banded Forester Euphaedra neophron - cm Eastern and South Africa