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I love crayons, and coloring, and I really want to try this blow drying crayons thing.

Cool crayon art! Hoyt glue crayons and then let dry. After it dries, blow dry art in the direction you want the melted crayons to go.

Crayon Art. Tape word on white canvas. Paint black. Let dry. Glue crayons on top. Let dry. Blow dry crayons on low setting, focusing on crayon tips. Hold canvas vertically, tilting slightly. Let dry. Peel tape off. Blow dry crayons on low again - use angle of canvas and blow dryer to focus melted crayons onto white space. Let dry.

CRAYON RAINBOWS (Song) Gorgeous, vivid rainbows burst through the clouds, reminders that God's Power with Love is His vow to you, to you, what ever your storm, God will bring you through. Philippians 4 is God's Word for you.... SONG LYRICS at website Di

Use duct tape for words. Place crayons on top. Blow dry on high heat till crayons melt. Blow dry side to side to blend colors. Slowly remove duct tape to reveal words.