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[1091] sterling silver ancient roman glass square pendant on 18" chain

Gold ear-ring: plain ring with a hook at one end and a loop at the other; on it are five pendants: a plain gold bead, a pearl on a pendant rod, a cross within a wheel, a green glass bead on a rod, and a double ring of beads.

ROMAN GOLD AND GLASS NECKLACE II-III century A.D. Composed of nine gold pendants with double-ribbed suspension loop decorated with twisted wire, blue glass cabochons set in collar with pinched edge; fourteen hollow, ribbed gold beads, soldered from two halves and terminated by strip-twisted wire collars; sixty-six spherical and globular blue glass beads.

Carolyn Bensinger Jewelry everything old is new again- 18 & 22k gold, ancient roman glass fragment, boulder opal, tourmaline, sapphire

A rare collection of ancient Roman Glass convex discs ~ 200 BC to 400 AD. Found in Afghanistan, they were originally fragments of ancient bottles which have been drilled and rounded into curved discs, displaying a brilliant and multicoloured luminescence resulting from the glass's hundreds of years beneath the ground.

Ancient roman earrings with pearls #AntiqueRomanEarrings #ShaunaGiesbrecht #VonGiesbrechtJewels

Israeli jewelry roman glass on silver earrings

Ancient Roman Glass Beads from Djenne, Mali, Africa

from Etsy

Ancient Roman Glass and 14k Gold Dangle Earrings, "Meet the Ancients"

14k yellow gold and ancient (100 - 300 AD) Roman glass bead earrings. Earrings dangle approximately 2 inches.