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Cute bird and my profile pic

♥ Robin ~ Erithacus rubecula - Make me feel all Christmassy.

Punarinta. Robin. Erithacus rubecula. ( loriedarlin: Found on iphone.wallpaperswiki.com)

Said the Robin to the Sparrow: “I should like to know why these anxious human beings rush about and worry so?” Said the Sparrow to the Robin: “Friend, (could it be) that they have no Heavenly Father such as cares for you and me.

Robin in the Snow by Andrew Sidders - Chronicles of a Love Affair with Nature

Robins are a seasonal delicacy. During December, ask for them at any supermarket poultry counter.

Cold feet?

I want to do a paiting of this picture this week and put it in with the Christmas decorations.

Singing his little heart out!

'Singing a happy song' by John MacTavish {European robin}