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Native American (Yokut), before 1920 | Sedge, bracken fern (Pteridium aquilinum), red bud (Cercis ccidentalis), grass

1929 Paiute polychrome basket of degikup form by Tina Charlie | Just over 20 inches in diameter, is one of perhaps only ten of its size ever produced in the Yosemite-Mono Lake region.

Mission Indian basket, made by Maria Antonia (Frank’s Ranch, San Diego County, California), before 1910. Sumac coiled on a deergrass bundle foundation, design in black-dyed juncus.

Louisa Keyser (1850‱925), a prolific Washo basketmaker called Dat⁳o-la-lee, who invented the Degikup basket, was said to weave a unique narrative into each basket's design. This finely woven 1909 version, the result of many hours of labor, is made of willow coiled on a three-rod foundation, with the design in rosebud and bracken fern root. ⁓usan Einstein photo