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Simba and Mufasa - My Father, My Friend Art Print

Because sometimes we get so caught up in how we think it should be and forget what we really are...

No no no no no no no. This is clearly a picture of a bunch of guys trying to give their friend Picasso some inspiration. Duh.


An entry from SPECIAL BORED.

So I desperately need this on a T-shirt immediately.

This is a quote from the funniest scene from twilight

There is no justification for the killing of over 50 billion land animals and 90 billion sea animals every year. It is not for survival and it is not 'the circle of life'.

Despite the logo being clean we like the fun poppy feel of this for things such as flash sales on the site. I especially like the colour's used here.

Disney Quotes // "If today is the worst day of your life / Then you know tomorrow will be better"