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it was probably a good thing Percy went missing instead of Annabeth. Maybe Hera planned it that way so Olympus wouldn't be destroyed. They couldn't afford Percy to turn against them

↑ THIS ↑ is truer than true. I am SO in love with Percy, but I can't help but adoooooorre Percabeth!

If Annabeth had gone missing instead of Percy

Let's see there's Sam, Dean, Cass, Henry/Denny, pretty much everyone from GA, and book charcters from all the series I love

Not exactly>> but I am looking to find Bart Allen. He's from the future and is really fast.

Johnlock has been here before the flipping titanic so it will survive! STOP BLOWING HOLES INTO MY SHIP!!!!!

It's over my children... WE ARE FREE AT LAST ( made by Sara Allard)