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Natural Eruption share moments

The mountain-like mounds that we associate with volcanoes are what remain after the material spewed during eruptions has collected and hardened around the vent. This can happen over a period of weeks or many millions of years.

Popocatepet Volcano,  Mexico

landscapelifescape: “ Popocatepet, Mexico Popocatepet smoking with flowers by Cristobal Garciaferro Rubio) ”

Mauna Loa Volcano Lava Eruption

A great poster of Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano covered in lava during an episode of intense eruption activity. Perfect for any Volcanologist! Need Poster Mounts Más

Photographer Ventures to Volcanos and Lava Flows in Hawaii beoEhjb

Photographer Ventures to Volcanos and Lava Flows in Hawaii

Photographer Sean King captures the beautiful glow of lava-flowing volcanoes against the starry night sky in Hawaii. Despite being colorblind and facing te

Mayon Volcano, Philippines---that's neat   looking! I so want to see something like this in real life someday   :)

A forked tongue of lava scorches a side of the Philippines' Mayon Volcano on December Mayon Volcano's recent eruptions may come as small surprise to area residents, many of whom likely remember the volcano's last eruption.