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Explore Hurrican Katrina, Hurricane Katrina 2005 and more!

HAARP-in Alaska - scary stuff!//Yeah Google HAARP and see what else it can project into the sky...and also see its effects with Hurricane Katrina...our governments delayed response to help the victims in Louisiana. Think.

Stan Strembicki - Post Katrina: Books and Photographs Found After the Flood | LensCulture

Weather - Tornado in front of a Rainbow - A beautiful shot of a tornado forming in front of a rainbow. This was a rare meteorological event witnessed near Lamar, CO.

New Orleans anatomy of a manor. On General Taylor Street. This is a result of Hurricane Katrina and the flood.

Mother nature can be amazing and scary. #tornado Best Vision in The World!

from PetaPixel

Interview with Ryan McGinnis of The Big Storm Picture

Arcus cloud, North of Kerney, Nebraska, taken Aug 7, 2011 by Ryan McGinnis. I love extreme weather and this is the most amazing cloud formation I have ever seen. Mother Nature doing what she does best!!!!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Report Outline: Natural Disasters

Report Outline: Can be used to give to each student. Assignment can be for each student to research a weather pattern or disaster, such as tornadoes hurricanes or floods, and complete this research outline on it. Also a good way to integrate technology, by giving students computer time in class to do the research. AMS

fire tornadoes - absolutely terrifyingly beautiful

Hurricane Katrina aftermath. Many area boats are damaged or destroyed, in the background boats that were sunk by the storm remain in the waterway Southern Louisiana, September 12, 2005 -fema/ Large boats remain on this road, closing it to traffic.