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Photographing Booboo: Adorable Animal Photos for a Guinea Pig by Megan Elst

And this piggy who has his very own stuffed animal twin!

26 Guinea Pigs Who Will Make You Smile The Most

Prison Break, versión hamster

After bein' caught on the run the Hammies were returned to a new 'n much larger home 'n both were charged in the breakout. Now they wear ankle bracelets made of seeds, nuts 'n fruit which they enjoy chewin' daily lol

Chicken is a delightful Russian Dwarf hamster. His human decided it would be a lot of fun to make him a picnic and include a hamster-friendly slice of pizza.

A Tiny Hamster Eats A Tiny Pizza And I’m A HUGE Fan!

A guinea pig in a baseball cap. Heck, you might need all the cute animals we've put in our

11 Reasons Why Professor Boo Boo Might Be The Most Photogenic Guinea Pig Ever

11 Reasons Why Professor Boo Boo Might Be The Most Photogenic Guinea Pig Ever

Photographer Megan van der Elst takes pictures of her guinea pigs as a hobby for her thousands of fans. One of those guinea pigs by the name of 'Professor Boo Boo', has recently captured the


Funny pictures about Guinea Wigs. Oh, and cool pics about Guinea Wigs. Also, Guinea Wigs.

Bored Panda--Peeeg with Danbo from Yotsuba!!

Booboo And His Friends Are The Most Adorable Guinea Pigs On The Internet

I like the idea of bringing a toy on your travels! Maybe a little dino lol

LOVE this idea. Buying a little car and take a memorable picture of each place you travel. Traveling Cars Adventures by Kim Leuenberger