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Tap into the energy of Spring.

Spring is coming, I promise. The Spring Equinox occurs on - Thursday, March 2014 at AM PDT Thursday, March 2014 at PM EDT

decorations for easter 2013

I think goose eggs would be large enough to make this workable ~ !

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Yule log prayer

History of the Yule Log On Yule, many Pagan and Wiccan families celebrate the return of the sun by adding light into their homes.

Ahhhh! So excited to tell you about my first burning sage ritual that I did over the weekend. I’ve always wanted to, having only seen them performed on TV in some Real Housewife’s mcmansion, but was waiting for a reason. Which is what I hope you’ll take away from this post: You don’t need a reason! Everyone …

I live in a small upstairs flat with no garden, last time I burned sage it billowed out the windows and I almost had to call the fire brigade!

GODDESS of the DAY: Ostara  Eostre at Spring Equinox  by Wendy Andrew

Eostre at Spring Equinox by Wendy Andrew. (From the Luna Moon Hare series) "It's good to see that you are full of the joys of spring! I am Eostre and your journey has brought you here to Ostara. It is the Spring Equinox.

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18 of the most famous quotes by the Greek philosopher Plato. "Wise men speak because they have something to say;


Welcome Spring with this beautifully fragrant and powerful incense.

I dont see how this is so different from Christianity. We should see God in nature, and living with the cycles of nature is a good thing. We may not think of God as both male and female, but we know we have a heavenly father and mother who created us. Nature is vital to spirituality, and spirituality should be the backbone of religion.  . Follow me @Amber Sheffield Collections . Visit Paranormalcollections.com to see more cool pagan magick stuff.

To practice faith in a way that makes your heart, head, and soul flutter in unison with a resounding "yes", no matter what the religion, should be a basic right of every human being.