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American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) male Saw one of these in our yard this week. Amazingly beautiful falcon!

Summer 2015

An American Kestrel ~ Bird of Prey. One of The Smallest Falcons in The World.

American Kestrel . . . a beautiful bird. @Danielle Ford don't you wish you could see one right now?

American Kestrel by Mark Hughes. What an amazingly cute and beautiful little bird. Love these little falcons.

Kestral.Found in a wide variety of haunts including open or lightly wooded farmland, moors, wetlands and urban areas.It hangs at a height of 20 or 30 ft poised in the air with quivering wings and widespread depressed tail searching the ground below. The kestrel's main prey is small mammals, especially voles, and small birds.No real nest is made by the adaptable kestrel. It accept sites in church towers, old windmills and hollow trees.