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THE EVOLUTION OF GORILLAS The earliest-known primates date from about 70 million years ago (Macdonald, 1985). The greater apes (family Pongidae, gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans) split off from the lesser apes (family Hylobatidae, gibbons and siamangs) 20 million years ago. The gorilla's closest relative genetically is the chimpanzee (who is also our closest relative in the animal kingdom).

Bunny Stripe Baby Dou Dou Blankie's

Meet the bunny comforter duo dou trio: Lila, Dan and Greymist who will keep your little one feeling happy and secure. Whether for sleeping with, cuddling or teething (they have special knotted ends to chew on), these are a super popular baby gift! Made from 100% cotton.

This website is loaded with natural childbirth stories and diaries - so inspiring, and so comforting in the middle of the night!