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Mist on Grantchester meadows by Quentin Stafford-Fraser, via 500px

The Ralph W. Yarborough branch library, Austin, TX, in an old theater, one of the public libraries that shows America's cultural heritage. (Image © Robert Dawson.)

EGYPT: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD: Mohammed Badie. The Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood. Head of the Egyptian branch of the international Muslim Brotherhood org since 2010. In Jul 2013, Egyptian pres Mohammed Morsi, member of the Muslim Brotherhood, was removed by a coup d'état after protests in Jun. Badie's arrest was ordered on 10 Jul 2013 for "inciting the violence in Cairo in which more than 50 people were killed." He was arrested on 20 Aug 2013. Succeeded by Mahmoud Ezzat on a temp…

It has just dawned on me, Tom wears suits. Lots of them. Black, blues, grays, even a dark plum once. Yet, never brown. I get that the other colors compliment his eyes but I bet he could rock a brown suit just as well!!! Branch out Tom!! Expand your horizons!!!

Catch The Moon That time of day when the sun is just about up and the moon is about to go down but both are on opposite horizons. I managed to just about capture the moon through the branches of this dead tree on the way home from work. The deep red of the clouds are a reflection of the suns color. One beautiful morning.Landscapes

Be elegant in The Feast with our silk square scarf with Surrealism print. Available in 5 colors. blue fuchsia, orange, aquamarine, Havana. You can find it in our branches. Check the summer new collection 2015 now at all #scarf_home stores at: Cairo Festival City Mall City Stars Mall Mall of Arabia Cairo City Center Alexandria Porto Marina Gezieret El Arab تألقي في العيد من مجموعة الاسكارفات المميزة من سكارف هوم .. اكتشفي معانا في سكارف هوم سكارف مربع من الحرير منقوش بنقوش سيريالية ..

Reviews, Branches, and Photos for La Stanza Egypt. Top Review: La stanza is a nice little kitchen store in the middle of Heliopolis, an Egyptian brand to be ...

La fabrique Brocante Lab x Emoi Emoi