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The new Apple Watch docking station makes charging much easier

Apple officially launched a docking station for the Apple Watch, so you no longer have to awkwardly give your device a battery boost with the existing charger


How To Recondition A Cordless Drill Battery

Your cordless drill can deliver good performance for many years if you use it and treat it with care. But your drill battery is likely to die out much before that, making your cordless drill virtually useless. But if you know the correct battery reconditioning methods, you can make the battery work like new for …

AT USBEXTRA (, we have always prided ourselves in the unique capabilities that we offer when developing custom and bespoke USB flash drives.

from Hemmings Motor News

Audi restores battery-powered 1956 DKW Schnellaster Kasten

1956 DKW Elektro Schnellaster | From 1955 to 1962, DKW built a limited-production electric version of its Schnellaster Kastenwagen delivery van, targeted to niche customers. Just 100 examples were assembled, and only two are known to survive today. Following a restoration by Audi Tradition, one of these surviving Elektro Schnellaster vans is set to become part of Audi’s museum mobile in Ingolstadt, Germany.

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Jillian Michaels' Detox Water

It's really a three-wheeled, fibreglass, electric assist velomobile that goes a long way to fill the niche between a bicycle and a car. And it offers advantages over both. Rob Cotter, the man behind the Elf's maker, Organic Transit in Durham, North Carolina is touting the Elf as the cleanest and most efficient vehicle on the planet.

Build An Electric Car.Build Your Own Electric Car provides step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. You don't need to be mechanically inclined at all. The process involves nothing more complicated than plugging in a battery. On a single charge, you can go for about 100 miles.