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Wielkopolska za czasów Mieszka III Starego (1138-1202) - Odon Mieszkowic

Stefan Tomaszewski, 11-years old Polish volunteer soldier during the Warsaw Uprising, August 1944, Warsaw, Poland

Janina Forbertówna, a resistance fighter from Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Janina Forbertówna (code name "Jasia"), a liason officer of the Armia Ludowa. Her fate is unknown.

A Polish Lancer battles a Cossack, Napoleon's invasion of Russia, 1812.

World War 1 Poster Polish Army in France

c 12th century full face, painting idea

Polish Vickers light tanks on the move in 1939. #worldwar2 #tanks

Grave of a fallen Polish soldier on Bouden Street, in the Warsaws city centre, Poland. Warsaw Uprising, 19th August 1944[462x600] - Imgur