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Not Another Al Bruno III Website | (Recommended Hotness) My semi-weekly worship at the altar of Anastassia Bear and Hex Hypoxia continues!

Difference between ischemic stroke & hemorrhagic stroke in a simpler manner.. Ischemic stroke is caused by an obstructed vessel, leading to hypoxia of the brain. Hemorrhage stroke is caused by a weakened vessel that ruptures, resulting in excessive bleeding of the brain.

Peripheral arterial disease, or PAD, is a rather common disease process affecting well over 12 million Americans.

from Verywell

Brain Plasticity: How Experience Changes the Brain

Brain plasticity, or neuroplasticity, refers to the brain's ability to change as a result of experience. Learn more about how the brain can change.

Applying tumour hypoxia to #cancer research by Dr Giovanni Melillo (via LabTalk - the AstraZeneca science blog, posted 04 Feb 2014)

Cervical Spine - Vertebra of the Neck The section of the spine at the neck is called the cervical spine. It starts at the atlas, the top cervical vertebra, and continues down to the C7 vertebra. Excellent interactive web site

Cellular respiration case study: Chicago cyanide Tylenol murders - biology corner More