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Not all things that one desires will destroy them in the end, such as happiness and health, but when I read this quote I think of some of the deadly sins such as Lust, Greed, and Envy. I think these three things allow people to have selfish desires, which can lead to their downfalls.

Writing Better Female Characters

Writing better female characters means showing how real people act rather than gender stereotypes. Read about 7 great characters and what they teach us

How to Write a World-Changing Mentor (my top tips for a memorable motivator)

How to Make Your Dastardly Villain More Memorable

How to Make Your Dastardly Villain More Memorable - What makes a villain truly memorable? Their swirly cape? Their nefarious mustache? Their maniacal laugh? But are any of these details why you remember these characters? Here are some aspects of villains that make them memorable...