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Robert Evans, better known by his stage names DJ Bless and Sutter Kain, is an American rapper and producer from Queens, New York. His productions range from traditional East Coast hip hop to ghetto metal, a style that samples metalcore. The name Sutter Kain is based on the character Sutter Cane from the 1995 horror film In the Mouth of Madness. He is the founder and owner of Never So Deep

The Union Underground was a alternative metal/industrial rock band based out of San Antonio, Texas, USA. Original band members included Bryan Scott, Patrick Kennison, John Moyer and Josh Memolo. They released one major label album, An Education in Rebellion, in July 2000 which featured the hit single "Turn Me on 'Mr. Deadman'."

Celldweller is a Detroit, Michigan-based musical project consisting of hybrid fusion of electronic rock combined with orchestral music elements, created by multi-instrumentalist, producer, remixer, DJ and performer Klayton.