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Weak End Club Ceramics

Bursting with creativity and talent, Weak End Club is a Sydney based cross disciplinary design practice currently working in ceramics.Graphic designers, Mark Trzopek & Dana Rogers set up the studio for their ceramic side project; Each piece is crafted, moulded, glazed and stamped before being taken to the kiln. The WEC collection comprises of functional ceramic form-focused objects including planters, bowls, vases, vessels and trays.

This is a selection of photographs that I like. All have been found on the web and are assumed to be in the public domain. This blog contains photography of an adult nature, so if you are not please leave now. I so love to colorsplash! And Yes...

Heather Grey - Wifey Racerback Tanktop - Womens Wedding Bride Graphic Tank - LuxxCulture

Dark Side of Typography

interactive wall map - lights up and shows which room someone is in - everyone has ID access card - so if you want to meet up with someone it shows whose at campus and who isnt - kind of like whose online and whose offline

My Dark Night Of The Soul

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