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My dream for when I grow up..... Only I'll spend all my life doing it

Wouldn't it be fun to volunteer in Africa ? Spend time volunteering in Africa, or take a mission trip anywhere that can use my help !

Bucket list!! Like them all expect live by the beach!! I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH BUT NOT LIVE THERE!

Own a nice camera- check! See a shooting star- Check! Live near the beach- check!


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This should be on everyone's bucket list! Luckily, I've been a handful of times- would love to go back soon!

I've been to Disneyland Paris and Disneyland California, but would love to go to Disneyland Florida one day.

i bite my nails like crazy... this would be a great accomplishment

I would like to stop biting nails by next year, This is a serious goal of mine. I have been biting my nails for as long as I can remember. In the end I'm going to end up with deformed nails so I need to stop!

Fill a tub with balloons full of washable paint, DOING THIS

Water Balloon Fight on the beach or in the yard. water balloons filled with paint. Would be fun if you wore white or threw it on a canvas!

This is on here like ten times cause I REALLY want to go!

Visitors view ice sculptures at Yanqing Ice Festival also for the Chinese Lantern Festival on February 2012 in Beijing, China. The Lantern Festival also known as the Yuanxiao Festival or Shangyuan Festival in China.

Oh this one is going to happen! I can't wait to see the look on peoples faces

Go around with a shirt that says "life" and hand people lemons. "When life hands you lemons.


have one of those 'what happened last night?I think I can cross this one off, although I'm not really sure because I don't know what happened.