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I like rumors.I find so much about me that I didn't know.but what makes me laugh the most are the people who will just believe them. rather than just ask me!

Dont Be a Scandal!! Gossipers, Instigators, Haters, Fools, & Idiots: If it isn't the truth, correct, or you don't have the facts straight, Don't Say It!!!

RUMORS - Postcard Truism / Philosophy

Rumors are carried by Haters, spread by Fools & accepted by IDiots.

Since I know you are a total lurker...Let's start with the way you gossiped about your new bff's use of botox/plastic surgery, your sister-in-law's brush with the law, and the not-so-lovely things you said about your own mother-in-law. Think before you put words in my mouth and overreact about them.

What I Heard About You funny quotes quote lol funny quote funny quotes humor gossip This is hilarious!

Me and my sister

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I never use my turn signal. It's nobody's business where I'm freakin' going.

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!

Lol, I've found out I'm an ugly slut and that I'm pregnant. I was laughing so freaking hard with I found out I was prego

Yeah.. *cough*ANNAMAY*cough* *sips tea* well she’s none of my business.. JUST LIKE ME AND MY FRIENDS ARENT HER BUSINESS🙄🙄🙄

Never understood why some are so obsessed with other peoples lives.move on already

If you didn't hear it

I love this because I know too many of those ''small minds & big mouths'' and they drive me crazy.Stop the Gossip!

Daddy vs father

My husband is an amazing father, to both of our boys. I couldn't have picked a better man. He loves all of us unconditionally, and would give his life to make us happy. He is a real man and a wonderful Dad.

:) tehehe

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Friends know where you hide your bail money. Real friends hope you have extra.

Funny Anniversary Ecard: Cheers to us for making it through another year together. 2 years and one month!