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Siren song - art nouveau mermaid crown

from Etsy

Crystal crown Raw quartz points silver tone tiara crown vintage look real crystals wedding tiara / special occasion hairpiece

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"You shouldn't set your crown on the books Princess." Oliver smiled kindly. "Those books are old. I would hate to have to replace one."

✿ i love the starks and targaryens but i would choose to be a tyrell if i had to live in the asoiaf universe bc they live among tons of pretty flowers, they're got fancy floral outfits, most of them are gay (or so i headcanon), and they're sassy af ✿

from Etsy

Elven bride tiara - elven tiara - fairy circlet

Elven/Fairy tiara by Ayalga... it's beautiful and lovely! It would fit not a single one of my themed outfits but I'm feeling like I need it anyways... Available on Etsy for