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The Katsura tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) is a tree for all seasons. It's a tree with clean attractive foliage, interesting bark and unique Autumn scent.

Carpinus betula betulus Fastigiata: This fine tree is columnar in its youth becoming rounded as it matures. It has a dense habit and is very formal in its appearance. The foliage turns yellow in the fall.

Little Gem Magnolia - no southern garden is complete without a pungent fragrance to waft on sultry nights...

Acer griseum--Paperbark Maple (Fall Color)--White flowers in spring; shiny, red-brown, cherry-type bark, slightly peeling--Full sun; needs well-drained soil--Mature Height: 35' to 40'--Mature Form: Rounded--Zones 4 - 6--Fewer problems than most cherries, but can be attacked by borers, tent caterpillar and leaf spots. This tree tends to have a short lifespan, about 30 years.

PARROTIA PERSICA/PERSION PARROTIA (PARROT TREE has many names): Size: 15'–35' high x 15'–30' wide (moderate growth rate, 10´ in 6–8 yrs). Hardy to Zone 5. Pest free Persian Ironwood prefers well drained soil and detests both overly wet or dry conditions. Low branched, round headed, deciduous Persian native with tremendous landscape value.

View Plant | Great Plant Picks Green Japanese Maple "osakazuki" This lovely upright grower develops the best fall foliage color in full sun to open shade. Japanese maples are surprisingly flexible in their soil requirements. Although they will grow best in a rich well-drained soil, they will also do well in sandy soils and clay. ‘Osakazuki’ is very resistant to the leaves burning at the tips during the summer, but regular watering during dry weather helps maintain the tree at its best. .

Acer griseum (Paperbark maple) - Fine Gardening Plant Guide - slow growing understory tree has highly ornamental, peeling orange-cinnamon bark. Leaves turn a brilliant orange-red in fall.

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