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15 Incredible Things to Do in Tokyo Japan

Snack on a Harajuku Crepe (13 Awesome Things to Do in Japan).

The sandwich killed his family and made him lost his sight and now hr is taking revange on the sandwich by eating it.

{FOOD} Alice in (Fantasy Book) Wonderland Themed Restaurant, Tokyo.

{FOOD} Alice in (Fantasy Book) Wonderland Themed Restaurant, Tokyo.

Kaneki and Hide ~You can break my soul, take my life away, beat me, hurt me, kill me. But for the love of God, don't touch him ~ || Tokyo Ghoul

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A World With No Humans: Artist Imagines A Post-Apocalyptic Tokyo

the trains had stopped coming

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13 Cool Things You Must See and Do in Tokyo

One of the best things about Tokyo is the sheer number of things there are to see and do—and, of course, eat! It’s actually hard to narrow it down to the essentials, while still having an experience that’s a good balance of everything the city has to offer. But I’m here to help! The following is a list of 13 Cool Things You must See and Do in #Tokyo, from iconic landmarks to local favorites.

turns out she was right Kaneki ended up losing Hide too