Explore Lucerne, June 24 and more!

Lucerne Valley RAIN Saturday June 24 2017

Lucerne Valley, CA - On Saturday afternoon, June 2017 small patches of RAIN fell in the Mojave Desert.

RAIN Lucerne Valley Wed  July 29th

RAIN Lucerne Valley Wed July 29th

RAINBOW August 6th 2015

Summit Valley, CA - On Thursday August 2015 at around p. a rainbow was seen during rain storms that hit the High Desert.

World's Longest Scaffolding

Fontana, CA - On Saturday June 2017 The World's Longest Scaffolding ever made was almost two km long. It was made to hold the world's longest pizza, tha.

Multi - Vehicle Crash due to blowing dust in Lucerne Valley

Lucerne Valley, CA - On Monday March 2016 at around p. strong winds blew dust and dirt onto HWY 247 that caused around 14 vehicles to crash inclu.

Shooting at Food 4 Less in Apple Valley

Apple Valley, CA - On Wednesday April 2017 around 8 p. a man was shot just outside of Food 4 Less store, located on Bear Valley Rd.

Up close with a Rattlesnake

Summit Valley, CA - On Sunday April 2016 a rattlesnake was located in a yard next to the pet dogs. Video shows how quick a rattlesnake can strike.

Tower FIRE view from the top of the Cajon Pass

Cajon Pass, CA - On Sunday April 2017 around 4 p.m the Tower Fire broke out in the Cajon Pass moving quick by gusty winds, which was burning around 300 .

HOLCOMB FIRE Day 2 June 20 2017

Big Bear, CA - On Tuesday evening June day of the Holcomb Fire that has burned around acres, containment remains at in the Holcomb .