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Tortoise XL Sunglasses

Tortoise XL Sunglasses

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Milky Way Rising. A vertically stitched panorama photo of the Milky Way. By: Tyler Jones (panorama)

wonderful sky

except cutting edge astronomy based on the realization that the universe is electrical in nature insists that black holes are not what conventional science still believes them to be. they are electrical phenomena which take place within the

Orionids meteor shower over McCloud Falls, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Calif. (© Brad Goldpaint/Getty Images)

The sky at night illuminates the Middle McCloud Falls in northern California. Photographer: Brad Goldpaint its my dream to get a star picture like this

The 10 Darkest Parks in the United States

Here are the darkest national parks, state parks, and national monuments in the United States for stargazing and naturally dark skies to help you map out your

Check out this wallpaper for your iPhone: http://zedge.net/w10824822?src=ios&v=2.5 via @Zedge

Check out this wallpaper for your iPhone: http://zedge.net/w10824822?src=ios&v=2.5 via @Zedge

Perseids Meteor Shower - Northern California

Perseids Meteor Shower, Milky Way 2012 - Northern California "The heavens declare the glory of God.

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Stakkholtsgjá is an up to 100 meters deep and 2 kilometers long canyon in South Iceland, located near the entrance to Thorsmork. It has a narrow riverbed and ends in a beautiful waterfall.


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thedemon-hauntedworld: “Photo credit: Aaron Priest The Milky Way shines over a swing at Lily Bay State Park on Moosehead Lake, Maine on October PM ”